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Painting by Sam Olshin

Painting by Sam Olshin

The Raymond Farm  

120 acres currently make up the Raymond Farm, which was purchased by Antonin and Noémi Raymond in 1938.  The Raymonds were attracted to the property due to the sturdy construction of both the bank barn and Quaker farm house. Within a few years, the Raymonds had a bustling modern farm, which also served as an atelier where architects and artists came to hone their craft. The Raymond Farm was also home to the Raymonds' grandchildren and great grandchildren, and is still managed by the Raymond family. 

The Team 

We're a group of individuals with a passion for this project. As a mix of artists, we have joined together to preserve the legacy of Noémi and Antonin Raymond along with their beautiful property and farmhouse. Our goal is to create an art and design center that provides opportunities for everyone, including professional architects, students of all ages, and artists of all skill levels. We hope to engage the community with thought-provoking lectures and workshops, nourishing organic produce, and opportunities to be inspired by nature. 

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Raymond Farm Center Logo

Raymond Farm Center for Living Arts & Design

The Raymond Farm Center is an art and design organization located in New Hope, Pennsylvania at the former home of architect, Antonin Raymond, and designer, Noémi Raymond. Established in 2013, the Center offers a wide variety of events and opportunities for artists, historians, and researchers to explore the history of the Raymonds.