The Raymond Farm

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The Property 

Woods, hills, two ponds, a creek, and lots of pasture define the the 120 acres of the Raymond Farm.  The Raymond Farm inspires our work, and we hope it will inspire you. Visit us to experience for yourself. 

Organic Garden 

The organic garden is a cornerstone of the Raymond Farm Center. We believe it is important to get your hands dirty, to breath fresh air, and to have a connection with food. The garden is highly productive and usually grows herbs, leafy greens, tomatoes, beets, cabbages, onions, squashes, melons, asparagus, cucumbers, peas and beans! The garden provides food for our family, neighbors, farm to table dinners, and fills the Raymond Farm Stand. All proceeds from the farm stand go right back into the garden, to cover the cost of seeds.  Are you interested in volunteering in the garden? If so, let us know! 



Happy Chickens

Free Range Happy Hens (and a few roosters) live in the bottom of the barn and in the old chicken coop. They run around in a large chicken run that connects the two areas. In the afternoon, they line up at the gate for their afternoon "play time" where they are able to roam around the property.  For the most part,  they stay close to home and dust their feathers under their favorite trees. At dusk, the chickens return to the safety of coops. We love getting to know each of the chickens and their distinct personalities.