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"Morning Light, Raymond Farm,” 2017,  watercolor, Jane Ramsey

"Morning Light, Raymond Farm,” 2017,  watercolor, Jane Ramsey

October 21 –  Fall Color: Painting from Nature


I am drawn to the emotion of scenes infused with light, shadow and color. I am compelled to capture the vanishing landscapes, pastoral vistas and farms …. — Jane Ramsey

Join us for an afternoon filled with paints, pastels, and color pencils and plenty of inspiration from the Bucks County fall foliage. Artists of all levels, and all mediums are welcome. Paints and materials will available for rent, or, for purchase. Artist, plein air painter, Jane Ramsey will conducting a watercolor demonstration at 1pm. 

$20 Donation

Memorial Hall Steelworkers Building, Yawata, Japan, 1954, Antonin Raymond Architect

Memorial Hall Steelworkers Building, Yawata, Japan, 1954, Antonin Raymond Architects

November 4 -- The Art (& Science) of Structural Engineering


Donation $20

Alex Stadel, PE,  Drexel University, Keast & Hood, Structural Engineers

Future Architects, Engineers, Designers and Artists Series*

Exceptional structural engineering is an art form--requiring an inquisitive mind that can balance the precision of mathematics and the creative freedom of architectural expression. This lecture will provide an overview of the engineering fields and explore how understanding materials, forces, and forms can lead to innovative engineering solutions.

This talk is open to the general public, but especiallyaimed at towards high school and college students pursuing a career in civil, architectural, or structural engineering who wish to learn more about these professions. 

Alex Stadel is a licensed professional structural engineer for Keast & Hood Structural Engineers in Philadelphia, PA. He holds a BS in civil engineering, a BS in architectural engineering, and an MS in civil engineering from Drexel University.  Alex keeps strong ties with his alma mater as an adjunct professor in the architecture and civil engineering departments where he has taught since 2012.  At Keast & Hood, Alex has collaborated on many challenging projects including the Museum of the American Revolution, the support structure for George Washington’s Marquee War Tent, the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology Renovations, and the George School Fitness and Athletic Center. He is currently working on Frank Gehry's major expansion project at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.


3:00pm Tour of the Raymond Farm, John DeFazio AIA, Director of Raymond Farm Center

4:00pm The Art (and Science) of Structural Engineering, Alex Stadel, PE

5:30pm Reception

Future Architects, Engineers, Designers, and Artist’s Series are programs dedicated to inspiring K-12 + College age students with interests in pursuing a career in the arts, design and engineering professions. These talks and presentations will include not just architecture and engineering, but all mediums of fine art and the design arts— interior design, furniture, textiles, graphic design, etc. Antonin and Noémi Raymond saw craft, design, art, architecture, and engineering, as a continuum, not as separate fields. These programs are intended to deepen our understanding of the interconnectedness of all these domains and inspire young people who may wish to enter these fields.


Japanese Tea Ceremony hosted by the Raymond Farm Center and  Nakashima Woodworkers 

November 19, 2017 

2:30 - 4:30 pm  


Commemorate the 80 year relationship between the Raymond and the Nakashima families in a carefully curated tea ceremony on Sunday, November 19, 2:00pm-3:00pm. Mira Nakashima and Charlotte Raymond will be on hand to welcome you at the Guesthouse, at the Nakashima Woodworkers, in New Hope, PA. Tea master, Taeko Sensei, of the Urasenke Tea School, will conduct the ceremony of select teas and sweets in the George Nakashima designed tearoom which will be graced with specially arranged ikebana.  

The ceremony itself will feature a curated selection of Dōgu (teaimplements and utensils), Kakejiku (the Japanese scroll painting or calligraphy that is to be contemplated during the ceremony), and pottery selected from the Nakashima's and Urasenke tea school's private collections. The tea itself will be heated by Sumidemae, the special charcoal-fire procedure that takes 5 days for which to prepare.