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A Study in Historical Preservation of the Raymond Farm

The Historic Site Survey Process at the Raymond Farm Center and The Importance of Historic Preservation in Solebury Township

September 28, 2019 1:00pm - 4:00pm

This two-part lecture features Jeffrey Marshall, the President of the Heritage Conservancy in Doylestown, PA and Sara Gdula, a recent graduate of University of Pennsylvania’s Historic Preservation Master’s program.

Jeffrey Marshall

Jeffrey Marshall

How history can define a community: Why historic preservation is important to a community with emphasis on Solebury Township and Bucks County by Jeffrey Marshall

Jeffrey will begin by discussing what historic preservation means, explaining the National Historic Preservation Act, the National Register of Historic Place, the Pennsylvania History Code, and local historic zoning. Jeffrey has been involved with historic preservation for 40 years including the documenting, photographing and researching of 10,000 old buildings. He is a recognized expert in southeastern Pennsylvania historic architecture and his lecture will discuss how historical preservation of Solebury Township has defined this community.

Sara Gdula

Sara Gdula

Architectural Archaeology: A case study of the historic site survey process at the Raymond Farm Center  by Sara Gdula

Sara will then present the findings of her 2018 Master’s thesis entitled The New Hope Experiment: An Investigation and Conservation Plan for the Antonin and Noémi Raymond Farm. This work has resulted in a comprehensive building chronology from the 1730s through the Raymond period, as well as an initial material condition assessment that can be used in future preservation planning. Methods of investigation for this project include an inspection of construction history, archival research, infrared thermography, environmental monitoring, and architectural archaeology including analysis of the site's fasteners, hardware, and mouldings. Sara currently works as an architectural conservator for Materials Conservation, the largest conservation firm in the Philadelphia region, and specializes in site-specific research, conditions mapping and documentation, architectural archaeology, as well as both treatment recommendation and implementation.

Jeffrey's lecture will begin at 1:30pm, we will break for a few minutes and Sara will resume at 2:30pm. There will be a Q&A period following the lectures where both Jeffrey and Sara can answer questions.

Preregister Adults $15, Students $10, Under 18 free

Image courtesy of University of Pennsylvania's Architectural Archives


Landscape Architecture and the Human Experience

October 5, 2019 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Thesis Presentation by Sonya Shapoval and book talk by Kathleen John-Alder

On Saturday, October 5th we are joined by Sonya Shapoval, a Master of Landscape Architecture student from Rutgers University, and Kathleen John-Alder, Associate Professor in the Department of Landscape, for presentations surrounding landscape architecture and its relationship to human experience. 

Sonya will begin by discussing her thesis entitled, Thresholds: Enhancing the Experience at the Raymond Farm. She spent the past year studying the Raymond Farm landscape, both as a personal exploration and an empirical one. Multiple visits were made to the Farm in order to experience the site overall and locate the thresholds that define the experience. During the visits, personal experiences were recorded and empirical data was collected to better identify aspects such as temperature changes, flora species, and the presence of sun or shade and how it affected the space. She created a design that draws more awareness to the existing thresholds within the landscape, while using inspiration from the work of Antonin Raymond, Noémi Raymond, and George Nakashima.

Following Sonya, Kathleen John-Alder will present on her recent book, Ian McHarg and the Search for Ideal Order. Kathleen is a practicing landscape architect whose research explores the transformative role of ecology and environmentalism in the discourse of mid-twentieth century landscape design and its impact upon contemporary practice. Her book explores the life of famous landscape architect, Ian McHarg, how his ideas developed in both their complexity and scale, offers new interpretations into his search for environmental order, and outlines how his struggle to understand humanity’s relationship to the environment in an era of rapid social and technological change reflects an ongoing challenge that landscape design has yet to fully resolve. 

A tour of the farmhouse will commence at 1:30pm and the lectures by Sonya and Kathleen will begin at 2:30.

$15 Adults, $10 Students with ID, free for students under 18

Image courtesy of Charlotte Raymond.


En Plein Air Watercolor Workshop

October 26, 2019 12:30pm - 4pm

Join painter Rob Finn for an En Plein Air Watercolor Workshop. Be inspired by the picturesque scenes on the farm and learn about various watercolor techniques. Rob will give a one hour demonstration showing principles of depth, layering and wet-on-wet painting techniques. Guests can choose to participate in the demo or choose a site at any time to work on their own pieces. Travel watercolor sets, brushes and paper will be available but guests are encouraged to bring their own materials if they wish. Light refreshments will be provided.

$20 for adults, $15 for students

To see more of Rob's work, follow the link.

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