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Artist Nura Petrov Workshop: Kinetic Memory & Walks as Art

Walk the Raymond Farm with Nura Petrov: Participants in Nura’s workshop will have the opportunity to investigate drawing as a means of recording experience and invoking kinetic memory. Instead of relying on traditional pictorial illusion, lines and shapes realized in the process of going for a walk will become the substance of the work. The resulting charts/diagrams of individual experiences will be superimposed on each other to create a communal art work, each thread gaining importance as it relates to the whole, becoming in the process a visual object beyond the walk itself.

Sketching supplies and paper will be available to borrow, but visitors may bring their own. 


Nura Petrov: Ideas and Images in Conceptual Art: Utamaro Revisited

After the house tour, Nura will present a slide lecture and show original paintings and sculptures whose theme is a revisit to Utamaro’s work.  Kigawa Utamaro was an 18th century Japanese artist whose woodcut prints were a source of inspiration to many western artists including Toulouse Lautrec and Mary Cassatt.

About the Artist: Nura Petrov

Painter · Photographer · Sculptor 

My studio in New Hope is overflowing with conceptual art works that prompt examination of the poetic aspects of mundane objects such as windows and ladders. My sculptures unite formal art values with the unpredictable, nonculturally prescribed beauty of natural objects such as sticks and stones. They invite the viewer to "become" the sculptor/artist by handling and rearranging unfixed, moveable, sculpture segments. My objective is to create a provocative circumstance rather than a static product/commodity.-Nura Petrov

Nura Petrov is a mixed media sculpture artist who resides in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Petrov's traditional sculptures included a variety of material, including clay, plaster, papier-mâché , and photography. Her most current conceptual work deals with time, memory, and history, using material such as sticks, stones, cloth, and paint. Many of her pieces deal with the tactile aspects of sculpture. Petrov questions the nature of art, information, and knowledge. Some abstract drawings incorporate ideas about time and history, and relate to her interest in archeology: layers of time, buried events, remnants of past cultures. Nura Petrov has traveled extensively in India, North America, and the Middle East, which has allowed her to study art and architecture in a cultural context. She has taught in Uganda, East Africa and has completed many educational and public art projects locally and internationally. She has won traveling scholarships through the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and numerous honorable mentions and prizes at local juried shows

Artist Nura Petrov Workshop: Kinetic Memory & Walks as Art

July 7, 2018

12:30 pm-2:30 pm

Raymond Farmhouse Tour  (included in attendee fee)

July 7, 2o18 

2:30 pm-4:00 pm

Nura Petrov: Ideas and Images in Conceptual Art & Utamaro Revisited

July 7, 2018

4:00 pm-6:00 pm

 $25 general; $12 students

Tickets are available online and at the door.